Double Minded Man, Adam Agin’s bold new album, is a heart-on-sleeve plea to understand the many questions life asks.

Best known as the frontman and creator of alternative band, NEULORE, Agin is back with a fiery passion on this well-crafted solo effort. Finding inspiration from a time in recovery, Agin becomes enlightened on “Hindsight” singing, - - - - “Oh, I just want to get better/ Now I’m seeing it hindsight/ I think it’s gonna take a lifetime.” Also, he adds, “These songs come from a deep desire to grow and find healing, but realizing I had to own up to my ghosts before I’d experience any emotional freedom.”

You may see the singer/songwriter stigma and think you know what you are in for, but Agin pushes the boundaries. Recorded in his backyard studio, along with a few friends’ home studios, Agin has blended raw authenticity, gritty urban rhythms, analog synthesizers, and powerful vocal performances to make quite a nice musical cocktail. But after the last note is played, it’s the songs that you remember and hold onto-- soulful, with a punch. Along with the gift of crafting a memorable song, Agin is also known for his raw, from-the-gut approach to performing. He welcomes in his audience, with vulnerability and hope, all at the same time. 

Over the past ten years, Agin has put down deep roots in Nashville,TN. Living in highly desirable East Nashville, Agin thrives, surrounding himself in a musical community. You have likely heard one of his 65+ songs used in different television shows, commercials or films. His songs have been featured on national campaigns with HBO, ESPN, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Coors, CNN and been featured on shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Pretty Little Liars to name a few. His latest song, “Trouble,” was featured in the HBO trailer for the film, The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, starring Oprah Winfrey. Needless to say, this prolific artist has plenty to say and is on a strong uphill trajectory. Take some time and get to know this passionate, multi-creative man.

Release date for Double Minded Man is TBD. 

-Winter 2018